When can you check-in with Loganair?

Loganair is one of the popular Airlines operating from Europe, with flights to almost every major European destination and other international ones. Those who are to fly soon with Loganair undoubtedly know about the check-in, luggage check-in, and the rest of the onboarding process. If one wants to learn more about the Loganair check-in policy, they can read on further as all of the details stated below deal with the check-in process of Loganair.

Loganair Check-in Policy

Loganair commuters can check-in for their flights via the internet or physically once they reach the airport. The Loganair online check-in begins 24 hours before the flight departure and stays open till two hours from the flight departure.

  • One can check-in at the airport using the self-help kiosks or at the check-in counter.
  • Except for the London City Airport, flights originating from London have the check-in slot beginning 2 hours before departure to 45 minutes from departure.
  • For UK domestic departures and Donegal, commuters can begin to check-in 2 hours before the departure till 30 mins to departure.
  • As for international flights, the check begins 2 hours and 30 mins before the departure and closes 1 hour before the departure.
  • The baggage check-in will have to be done at the airport, and passengers are advised to arrive at least three hours earlier than the flight departure at the airport.

Loganair Check-in process

The Loganair Check-in process can be classified into online and physical. The Loganair check-in online options are paid ones but give the flexibility to the passengers to check-in conveniently without waiting in a line and getting the boarding pass.

Loganair Online check-in

  • One can check-in using their mobile phones or the Loganair official website https://www.loganair.co.uk  to check-in.
  • To check-in through the Loganair website, click on the search icon at the top of the website and search using the keywords “check-in.”
  • Click on the “Online Check-in” in the search options to get to the online check-in page of Loganair.
  • Click on Check-in and enter the relevant details of the flight reservation.
  • One will be prompted to pay a fee, and Loganair will send the boarding pass to the email address associated with the flight reservation.
  • One can get to the email and download the boarding pass. The pass can be printed or carried on the phone to the airport to board the plane.

Loganair Airport check-in

Commuters can get to the airport and use the self-help kiosk or check-in at the check-in counter. Loganair check-in at the airport is an easy process, as the self-help kiosks are scattered throughout the airport, and once one gets to a self-help kiosk, they can fill in their flight reservation details themselves to check-in. alternatively; one can get to the check-in counter to get the boarding pass.

Loganair Mobile check-in

  • One can launch the mobile application and tap on the “check-in” button under the more options menu to check-in via the mobile application.
  • One can search for the flight using the reservation details.
  • Next, complete the check-in by paying the check-in fee.
  • The mobile pass will be downloaded directly on the mobile through the application.

Loganair Check-in baggage

For people flying from the UK on connecting flights, the luggage has to be checked only once before reaching the final destination. Those boarding a flight from other destinations on a connecting flight will have to recheck the luggage at every connecting point before boarding the new airplane. The luggage check-in has to be made at the airport according to the Loganair check-in time stated above, and one should make sure to comply with the following regulations of Loganair.

  • Before one check-in, one has to ensure that the luggage is securely bound and doesn’t harm other bags where it will be stored.
  • The bags must be labeled with the name and destination address, while the previous labels must be removed.
  • Medication, essential documents, and valuable items like cash must be carried as hand luggage and not among the checked baggage.
  • Any material that can cause explosions or other flammable materials and explosives are prohibited.

How to contact Loganair?

Loganair provides some excellent customer service for its customers who have some doubts or concerns about anything relating to flying with Loganair. If one is still unsure about some check-in or baggage policy or needs assistance, one can contact the Loganair customer service for efficient resolutions. One can talk to a live Loganair customer care agent over a phone call to get help, and the contact details can be accessed from the Loganair website in the manner described ahead.

  • Click on “Help Center” on the Loganair homepage to open the Loganair help center webpage.
  • The new page will have various options, including the “Contact the Help Centre” button. 
  • Use this button to get the contact details of the Loganair voice customer service.

Dial the relevant number to connect to the live Loganair agent to receive help on any Loganair check-in doubt. One can also fill out a help request form and submit it to get a call back from Loganair.

Official website: https://www.loganair.co.uk

Regarding check-in visit: https://www.loganair.co.uk/login/check-in/

For Check-in times visit: https://www.loganair.co.uk/travel-help/check-in-times/

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