Does Air France allow pets in the cabin?

If you are traveling with Air France, then you may take your pets in the cabin, but there are certain Air France pet policy that you have to take into note, which will let you know about the pet information and ways to take your pet in the aircraft without any disturbances. The policies are designed under the guidance of senior authorities to tackle diseases like rabies. 

Dogs traveling from the countries with the highest risk of rabies are not permitted, and other purposes are not allowed, including resale, adoption, fostering, breeding, entertainment, shows, research, or commercial. 

Dogs that have spent six months in one of the countries that have a high risk of rabies will not be issued with a waiver from the US government. If the person complies with US health measures, then the person must pay the fees, and dogs’ rerouting, transfer, and care are also necessary more than any serious complication. You are financially responsible for all mishaps and need to pay the cost. 

  • You may not allow your pet in the cabin or the hold, but the pets can be transported via cargo if the pet is not a cat or a dog. 
  • If the total weight of the pet and cage is more than the weight permitted in the hold, it will also be transferred through cargo.
  • The pets are allowed through cargo if the destination country allows specific animals to be transported via freight. 

Specific snub-nosed dogs and cats, such as boxers, Pekingese, Shih Tzus, and Persian or Burmese cats, are transported by freight on the flights operated explicitly by Air France. 

How much does Air France charge for pets? 

Air France charges for pets separately which is not included in the ticket fare. You need to pay the additional fee at the airport. The amount varies according to the destination you have opted for your journey. The Air France pet in cabin fee will be calculated based on the departure flight and for a single bag ( travel container). 

  • If the flights are in metropolitan France, then carriage in hold 100$, and carriage in the cabin 70$.
  • If the flights are within the Caribbean, then carriage in hold 200$, and carriage in the cabin 125$
  • If the flights are between Europe and North Africa, the carriage is 200$, and the cabin is 125$. 

So these are some of the Air France pet travel costs you must pay; after that, your pet reservation will be confirmed. You can pay the fees through different gateways, including a credit or debit card payment. 

How do I add a pet to Air France? 

You can make a booking online and apply for an Air France pet reservation simultaneously. Or you can contact customer service assistance at +1 800 237 2747

 just after making the booking so that the live person can help you in adding your pet. You need to have all the necessary papers related to your dog so that it will be easy for the authority to deliver the confirmation. 

At last, you and your pet can travel without hesitation or disturbance. 

What are the new rules for taking a dog to France? 

If you are taking the pet in the containers, it should be made up of hard plastic or fiberglass and fastened with rivets. It must be approved by IATA ( international air transport association standards).  

  • Category 1 Dogs specifically defined by the French Ministry of Agriculture, food, and Forestry are not allowed to transport in the cabin and baggage or cargo. The dogs are called attack dogs.
  • Category 2 dogs can be transported on cargo flights operated by Air France. Dogs include pedigree Staffordshire terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and pedigree tosas. 
  • To transport category 2, you need to connect with customer service for freight, and the transportation is based on availability. Moreover, category 2 dogs can travel with their owner on the same flight. 

 What size pet bag for Air France? 

According to the Air France pet policy, the carrier or pet bag should be made up of waterproof material from the bottom, and it should be spacious enough so that your pet can move around such a turn and stand up properly, as well as adequate ventilation. Air France pet carrier dimensions should be under 46 x 28 x 24(Length, width, height, and inches ( 18 x 11 x 9). If the bag is flexible, then the height can be slightly higher. 

Are pets allowed in business class on Air France?

As per the Air France pet policy Business Class, the airline does not accept any pets in the business cabin on intercontinental flights. All the required vaccinations should be given to your pet before traveling so that it should not harm anyone else. 

The pet should be microchipped and have a specific passport or equivalent document to travel within the europian union.

If you have any inquiries/ doubts, please connect with Air France via toll-free number +1 800 237 2747, available 24 hours and seven days. 

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