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When booking your flight ticket online, consider comprehending the terms and conditions, which are imperative for protecting the travel website and ensuring you mitigate the risks. You always visit the travel website to collect essential data about the travel services and products you may get from the travohelp.co.uk website. You must take your time to read the following Travohelp terms & conditions carefully and seek help to avoid misunderstandings and disputes with clients, to clear unnecessary expectations from the outset when you collect some vital information.

General terms and conditions:

You must know the general terms and conditions when you visit our website for your travel needs and requirements and read all the information carefully. You must not wonder when you find some unexpected changes in our website as it happens due to security purposes and laws applied to this kind of concept. We sell travel-related products from suppliers and service providers working for you on our website. Each supplier has its terms and conditions applicable to your specific arrangements. Understand general terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary trouble when collecting travel facilities and services with us on our website.

Scrutinize our agreement with you:

When you review the terms and conditions, you will quickly understand the cancellation policy, liability, and responsibility for booking, adjustment, refund, and no-shows. When you go through the travel agency terms and conditions, you may clear your confusion when you need help with including all this information and avoid the issue promptly. It would be best if you comprehended the value of our products and our suppliers who serve many passengers for the travel services and products that we directly supply. We generally seek the opportunity to act like your booking agent and securely provide all possible solutions for your travel needs.

Services for Deposit and Payment:

A full booking payment is essential at the time of booking. Hence, you are required to pay a deposit on our booking website. It is true that when you pay a deposit, you generally book the entire balance needed to pay by the payment due date, which will be notified to you after initiating the booking. When your full payment is received after the balance due date, we are here to inform the supplier who is authorized to cancel your booking and charge the cancelation fee, which is already set in the terms and conditions. To collect more information about the deposit and payment services, you must go through the essential points to avoid the hassles when booking on our website.

  • We are not authorized to make any charges when you make payment for the booking using debit, and your credit card is subject to a handling fee.
  • When you book your flight ticket with us and don't initiate to pay the outstanding balance within seven days after the due date, your flight might be canceled, and charges are applied.
  • You can contact us for the payment's terms and conditions and give us valuable time to make full payment by the balance due date accepted by the suppliers.
  • We have the right to refuse your checks when you make payment for the booking by selecting the payment option on our website.
  • All the prices mentioned on our website are noted for one person in EUR, including VAT.
  • You might confront changes in your booking cost, changes in vacation package cost, and changes in transportation costs, including fuel, taxes, fees, and exchange rates, but if you have paid fully, you don't need to pay any upper charges.

It would be best if you continued with the general practice of sending valid documents to our customers electronically when possible on our website. It would be best if you agree to the charges of an administration fee for the request for such documents to be sent to us as a hard copy.


When you book your flight ticket with our website, you need to accept the terms and conditions on your behalf with the third-party suppliers. It means you book your flight ticket on our website, a third-party supplier will issue it, and you are responsible for making all payments. Your booking can be secured if you abide by the Travohelp booking terms and conditions and get started with the booking services with the necessary documents like passport, Government ID, personal information of your booking account, and so on. The booking information with your payment detail provided is passed only to the accurate suppliers.

Cancellation and Changes:

If you want to change or cancel your flight ticket, you must request us in writing by email, and will your request will take action on the day we receive this during working hours, starting from 9 am to 5 pm. You need to pay the flight change and cancelation charges on our website, which you can see in the flight change and cancellation section.

Accuracy, completeness, and timelessness of information:

You can't expect the guarantee for accurate information at the right time for any essential advice and help related to products, services, or other important activities on this site. You will attend to some necessary things that you must check accordingly. This website has terms and conditions; you must check for updated information you find on the website when collecting some helpful information.

  • The necessary travel service you will get on this website, and get general information only when you access this website at any time.
  • It should only be depended upon or used solely for making decisions by consulting primary, more accurate, complete, and timely sources of details.
  • We are permitted to adjust the contents of this site anytime and are not obliged to update any information on the site.
  • You are responsible for observing modifications to our site and ensuring you get your necessary things before making any changes on our website using your technical devices.
  • The terms and conditions enable you to continue with the booking service after changing the booking cost and receiving acceptance from a travel supplier.
Changes in the travel facilities, services, and prices:

When you choose any travel facilities and services for your objectives on our website, you may get certain facilities and services that are subject to change without notice. Hence, changing prices, facilities, and services without warning could be possible, and you can't make it change as per your need and requirement. You are here to accept all the terms and conditions while choosing travel services with us on our website anytime.