Does Turkish Airlines allow rebooking?

If you have travel plans with Turkish Airlines and, for some reason, you need to shift the plan to another date due to some unavoidable reasons, then the first query that will come to your mind is if the airline allows rebooking. There are certain conditions to opt for the Turkish Airlines rebooking, which you will learn about going through with the policy mentioned below.

Rebooking Policies of Turkish Airlines:

  • You can rebook your flight ticket as required before the departure of the originally booked flight at Turkish Airlines.
  • If you rebook the flight ticket within 24 hours of the booking, you will not have to pay the additional charges.
  • If the rebooking is requested after passing 24 hours from the original booking, there will be additional charges on the rebooking procedure.
  • If the new booking fare is more than the fare of the original flight, you will have to pay the difference amount to rebook.
  • The flexible flight tickets of Turkish Airlines are allowed for rebooking without any extra cost.
  • If there is a delay in the boarding time of your booked flight, you can also ask for a booking without extra cost.
  • Turkish Airlines will provide you with a rebooking on an alternate flight that suits your travel requirements if your flight is canceled.
  • For rebooking, it is necessary that the booking is made directly through Turkish Airlines.

Above is the Turkish Airlines rebooking policy mentioned that is needed to consider if you want to make any changes to your booking. If passengers like to know more about the policies or have any related queries, then it is advised that they contact a person at Turkish Airlines.

Procedure for Rebooking a Turkish Airlines Flight Ticket

To learn about the process of rebooking a flight ticket at Turkish Airlines here, some different mediums are mentioned. You can consider the procedure of a medium of your choice to get a booking as per the requirement.

Rebook Through Website

The rebooking is given on the Turkish Airlines website, which you can consider before the departure of your original flight. To rebook the flight ticket, there is a procedure that you need to adhere to, and it is mentioned below:

  • The first step is to open the website,
  • Then select the "Check-In/Manage Booking" window,
  • Search for the booking by adding the reservation code and the passenger's surname,
  • The booked flight ticket will load in a moment,
  • Now select the edit booking detail on the page,
  • Set your travel requirements on the edit page,
  • Then search for the available flights,
  • Select a flight ticket to rebook that meets all your requirements,
  • Now you have to pay a suitable amount to complete the rebooking,
  • After the confirmation, your Turkish Airlines flight will be rebooked.

Rebook Through Customer Service

The executives at the Turkish Airlines customer service also help the passengers with the rebooking of the flight. You can contact customer service and request the rebooting of the flight by sharing all the required details. Here is the procedure for rebooking your flight ticket with the help of customer service:

  • Dial the phone number of Turkish Airlines: 020 3991 1993,
  • Pick the desired option from the IVR Menu,
  • In a moment, an executive will join the call,
  • Then you have to speak to the executive about the rebooking requirement,
  • Share the original booking information with the executive,
  • The executive will take some time to search for the required flight,
  • Then you can select which flight you want to book,
  • Transfer the required amount for the rebooking,
  • And your Turkish Airlines flight ticket will be rebooked with the help of the executive.

Rebook on Live Chat

Online assistance also can be taken on the rebooking of the flight ticket at Turkish Airlines. You will have to share your requirements in the live chat, and an executive will share suitable prompts on the chat. Here are the steps for rebooking your flight ticket on the live chat:

  • Head to the web page of Turkish Airlines,
  • Extend the Help table and click on the "Get in Touch" option,
  • Then open the live chat window on the page,
  • Then tap the "Rebooking" option from the given topics in the chat window,
  • You will receive suitable prompts on the chat,
  • Follow the prompts as per your suitability and rebook your Turkish Airlines flight ticket.

Rebook at Ticket Counter

You can also reach the ticket counter of Turkish Airlines for rebooking your flight ticket. The representative will take your requirements for the flight ticket and get the rebooking done. Share your booked flight ticket and get your required flight ticket from the ticket counter.

Above are all the available mediums mentioned that you could attain for rebooking your flight. These procedures are helpful in Turkish Airlines rebooking tickets and can be used as per the passenger's time and pace.

How much is the rebooking fee for Turkish Airlines?

The flight ticket holder who wants to know the Turkish Airlines rebooking fee is based on different factors like fare type, arrival destination, or rebooking time. On average, the fee ranges between $160 to $120.

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