When can I check-in online with Ethiopian airlines?

Seek the guidance for check-in in Ethiopian airlines

The Check-in process is essential as it will allow the passenger to board; if the passenger is getting late, they can go with the online check-in process. The Check-in process gives the information to the passenger that their bag and the weight of luggage are according to the airline's baggage policy.

Suppose the passenger is traveling with the Ethiopian airlines. In that case, they can avail of many benefits like deals; voucher offers on early bookings, different ways for check-in, and different facilities for special passengers. If the passenger is traveling with the Ethiopian airlines and does not know the detailed information about the Ethiopian Airlines online check-in, they do not need to worry; they have to read below.

The process that the passenger needs to follow is given below.

  • First, open the suitable web browser and go to the official website of Ethiopian airlines.
  • Next, you can see an option for web check-in; click on that option.
  • Following this, fill out the details of the booking reference number and surname of the passenger in the given space.
  • Further, you need to fill out the contact details and registered mail id and submit those details.
  • After doing this, the next page will show you the reservations; then, you need to select the booking you want to make the check-in.
  • Now click on the check-in option and confirm it. You will get a successful check-in message on your registered email id and your contact number.

What is the Ethiopian airlines check-in policy?

Having complete information on Ethiopian airline's check-in policy is essential if you are traveling with these airlines. It will help you get the information about the different timings and ways of the check-in process, whether luggage weight is correct or overweighed, and what to do if any bag is lost after completing the check-in process. The type of seat plays an essential role in the check-in policies, and to get detailed information on this, you need to read below:

  • Suppose the passenger makes the bookings from the official website of Ethiopian Airlines and make the booking to any national destination. In that case, they can start check-in before 48 hours of the boarding time.
  • If the passenger book the flight to any international destination, the online check-in process starts before the 72 hours-boarding dates.
  • If the passenger is medically disabled, they can also check-in online, but they need to attach valid documents and show them at the airport.
  • The Check-in process is also provided by Ethiopian airlines at the airport passenger can go to the counter of Ethiopian airlines to make the check-in form there. The check-in process starts 3 hours before boarding time and ends up before 1 hour of boarding time if the route is domestic.
  • If the passenger books the flight to any international destination, then check-in ends before 45 minutes of departure.
  • Passengers need to follow all the COVID instructions like carrying hand sanitizers and covering the face with a mask; they do not need to touch anything prohibited at check-in, on the flight, and at the airport. They have to carry a report of their negative COVID test from the registered institution. If the COVID test report forms a non-registered institution, the passenger will not be able to check in on the flight.
  • If the passenger books the flight with the official Ethiopian Airlines representative, the passenger can also contact them to check-in.
  • Passengers will not be able to cancel the flight after they complete the check-in process, even online or at the airport.

What is the Ethiopian Airlines online check-in baggage allowance?

The baggage allowance will depend upon the route and destination of the passenger and the seat type. To know the detailed information about the baggage allowance, you need to read below.

For economy class seat

Passengers can carry one handbag on the flight, which is not more than 52x40x20 in size.

The passenger can carry one check-in bag whose weight is between 40lbs to 60lbs if the flight is domestic, and for an international flight, the weight is not more than 70lbs.

For business class seat

If you book a seat in business class, you can carry one handbag on the flight, which weighs between 56x45x25 for domestic and international.

Passengers can carry two check-in bags whose size is not more than 80 lbs.

For premium class seat bookings

Passengers can carry two handbags whose sizes are between 60x50x28 on the flight for every booking.

They can carry three check-in bags between 80 lbs and to 100lbs.

Airport check-in

Passengers will get many ways to check in to the flight if they cannot online check-in or if the passenger is traveling for the first time with the Ethiopian airlines. Passengers can also check-in at the airport from the Ethiopian airlines counter by showing valid official documents. Ethiopian Airlines' online check-in baggage starts before the 2 hours for domestic flights and 4 hours for international flights.

Mobile check-in

Passengers can use mobile check-in by following the below process.

  • In the initial step, you have to open the official app of Ethiopian airlines on your device.
  • Next, click on the check-in process from the page.
  • Further, you need to click mention the booking reference number and last name of the passenger and click next.
  • Next, you can see your booking select the booking for check-in, and fill out the luggage details. If you want to add something in your bookings like facilities for child passengers, extra legroom in the seat, extra baggage, or facility for disabled passengers, then you can add a form there and submit the details.
  • After this, you need to click to check-in, complete the process, and take the printout of the confirmation of the check-in process.
  • You will get a message of confirmation of completing the check-in process on your contact details.

What is Ethiopian airlines check-in time?

There are different times provided by the Ethiopian airlines to check-in, and this time is according to the route and destination of the passenger. If the flight is going to any international destination, the passenger can check-in before 4 to 1 hour of departure, and if the flight is domestic, then time is 2 hours to 45 minutes of flight departure.

The statements mentioned above will help the passenger know about the Ethiopian airlines check-in process, policy, and timing. Still, if the passenger finds any difficulty, they can also contact the official representative of Ethiopian airlines.

Official website: https://www.ethiopianairlines.com

For Online check-in visit: https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/dk/information/check-in-information/online-check-in

Web check-in visit: https://www.ethiopianairlines.com/aa/book/booking/web-check-in


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