When can I check-in for Air Canada Flight?

It's highly imperative for any traveler to plan ahead of boarding their flight. Boarding a plane is an extended procedure, and occasionally it can get a little too complex for the unacquainted.

If one is to fly with Air Canada soon, then reading the Air Canada check-in policy can be helpful to be more acquainted and ensure a smooth onboarding experience before the Air Canada flight. If one is curious, one can learn more about the details and process of the Air Canada check-in process by going through the rest of the upcoming sections.

Air Canada check-in policy

  • One needs to ensure that they meet all the final destination requirements to gain entry into the city.
  • One has to submit all the pre-departure forms and get tested for a Covid PCR test if required by the authorities of the flight destination.
  • Dropping off baggage will be strictly closed past the baggage check-in deadline.
  • Passengers are advised to make suitable time for all the check-in and baggage drop-off procedures, and so reach at least two hours or three hours early for domestic or international flights, respectively.

Air Canada Check-in process

Air Canada allows its passengers to check-in for their flights in multiple ways to make the check-in procedure more efficient. One can use the Air Canada check-in online options, namely the official website or the Air Canada mobile application. One can get to the airport to check-in physically through self-help kiosks or the check-in counter. Each of these check-in procedures is as detailed below.

Via Air Canada web check-in:

  • The Air Canada flyers can get on the airline's homepage and click on the "Check-in" tab.
  • The browser will load a new webpage, and one can search for the flight by using the booking reference as stated on the page and the passenger's last name as on the flight ticket.
  • Click on "Check-in" once the details have been filled, and confirm by paying the check-in charges, if any, and an email will be sent to the linked email address.
  • This email will confirm the check-in and contains the boarding pass that can be downloaded for later use.
  • The web check-in opens 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure and closes off one hour before the departure.

Via Air Canada airport check-in:

One can check-in via self help-kiosks or get to the check-in counter to do so at the airport. One will have to enter the reservation details at the self-help kiosks and check-in themselves at the self-help kiosks. The Air Canada airport officials will assist you in checking in for the flight. However, this may be time-consuming because of the usual waiting queue at the counter. The Air Canada check-in time for the self-help kiosk begins 12 hours before the flight departure and cuts off an hour before the take-off. The check-in counters open 120 minutes before any domestic flight and close 45 minutes before the flight departure. For international flights, one can get to the counter 180 mins before the flight departure.

Via Air Canada Mobile check-in

  • The Air Canada Mobile application can be downloaded from the mobile application store, and one will have to sign in using the Air Canada account.
  • If one doesn't have an Air Canada account, the Air Canada account can be created for free using the Sign-up option.
  • Open the app, log in using the account credentials, and click on the "Check-in" option on the application's home screen.
  • Choose the flight reservation from the available ones, or search for the flight using the reservation reference.
  • Click on "Check-in" and pay the charges. The application will notify whether the check-in has been successful or not.
  • The application will also show the boarding pass after the successful check-in, which can be downloaded on the phone, or one can use the application to open the boarding pass later without downloading it.
  • Mobile Check-in also opens 24 hours before the flight take-off and shuts off an hour before the departure.

Air Canada Check-in baggage:

Any Baggage has to be checked in at the baggage check-in counter of the airport. Within the baggage check-in deadline, one will have to drop the bags off at the counter. Air Canada advises its flyers to arrive at the airport as early as 3 hours before their flight to get ample time to check in the baggage. If they have any special baggage like a pet, one has to make time to get it checked in within the given time. According to the Air Canada check-in baggage policy, the deadline for checking in the baggage is one hour and two hours before a domestic and international flight, respectively.

Get connected with Air Canada customer service:

One can contact Air Canada customer service for any further guidance or assistance. If one thinks that they cannot make it in time for the Air Canada check-in or boarding the flight to get viable advice on the check-in procedure for their Air Canada flight.

Official website: https://www.aircanada.com

Regarding Air Canada – How to check-in visit: https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/plan/check-in-information/how-to-check-in.html

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