What is the cheapest day to book British Airways flights?

When you decide to fly with this U.K. airline, you sign up for many benefits; the services this airline offers will certainly leave an impression on your mind. But despite the name and services, people always want to get the tickets at the lowest price possible. When you look for the cheapest day to book British Airways flights, the date of your trip also matters. If you plan to book the flight 2 months in advance, that price compared to the cheapest flight next week will be far less. But you can take a more general approach to this matter.

  • As per the statistics, the cheapest flights are available on Wednesday as per U.K. time. From Tuesday evening the prices start going down and then again start increasing from Thursday evening. This is because Wednesday marks the middle of the week and the chances of people booking a trip decrease when work is at its peak.
  • As opposed to this, the most expensive would be days when travelers are either going on a trip or are coming back from a trip. This marks Friday to Monday, the most expensive days to travel via British Airways.

After the day has been decided, the next matter of concern is finding the cheapest time to book British Airways flights to enjoy their services at the lowest price.

Best Time to Book Cheap Ticket

If the fact is not already known, the people who fly often notice that flight prices fluctuate, and there is usually a difference in fare on the same flight when you book it at night and when you book it in the daytime. As per the data collected, you can conclude that,

  • Flight prices are cheaper at midnight than at any time in the day. It was discovered that
  • Early in the week, the prices are low around Monday to Wednesday.

It was found out that people could save approximately 6% more on flights when they booked on Tuesday midnights. When you combine the points mentioned earlier to calculate the cheapest day to book British Airways flights, you can conclude it will be on a Tuesday at midnight for a flight that flies on Wednesday.

Do B.A. flight prices go down?

Like other airlines, British Airways is also subject to weather conditions and fluctuating markets. Hence the prices can go both upwards and downwards. No pattern recognition can predict the sudden price change. However, the prices may go up and well as down. 

Taking the points mentioned above, passengers are advised to book the tickets 8 weeks in advance. For the passengers who have to make a sudden trip, managing it around Wednesday can be helpful. You can call and connect with customer care to ask about offers and packages. The support knows all recent perks and offers.

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