What is the cancellation policy of Aegean Airlines?

You can find a flexible and beneficial cancellation policy introduced by Aegean Airlines. The airline intends to make the journey and the booking experience seamless. Aegean understands that an inconvenient moment can visit a traveler at any time. That is why you can find a comprehensive guide on cancellation terms and conditions.

So, if you need further information about the Aegean Airlines cancellation policy, this article can guide you. Here, you can get acquainted with some easy-to-understand cancellation policies and the applicable charges.

Some Important Cancellation Policy at Aegean Airlines

Read the below-mentioned points to learn about the airline’s cancellation policy:

  • Aegean Airlines requires its travelers to cancel the reservation on the same platform you booked the ticket. For instance, if you purchased the ticket online, you must cancel it online and contact customer service if you purchased the ticket from them.
  • But, if you booked your ticket from a travel agent, you need to get through them to process the cancellation.
  • The Aegean Airlines cancellation states that you can do it for free and receive a full refund if you cancel the reservation within a day of the booking.
  • However, you can even cancel your reservation 30 minutes before the airline’s departure by paying a small amount of up to 20 EUR.
  • The airline has introduced the 24 hours cancellation policy under which you can cancel any fare type for free.
  • You can expect a refund for the canceled flight within a week of the cancellation; you qualify for a refund even if you cancel a ticket that you bought at least seven days before the flight’s departure.
  • The airline levies upon the cancellation charges if you surpass the free cancellation period as decided by the airline.

So, these are some of the important cancellation terms and conditions mentioned to benefit you in your troubling situation. But, if you miss the risk-free period, you might have to pay some cancellation charges. To get in-depth knowledge about the cancellation fees of Aegean Airlines, check the next section!

The Cancellation Fees at Aegean Airlines 

First off, you must know that the cancellation fees of Aegean Airlines depend mostly on the fare type, destination, and when you cancel the itinerary. The airline demands between 100 USD and 500 USD to cancel beyond the risk-free period. You can skip paying the Aegean Airlines cancellation fee by doing smart work. Try to cancel your reservation at least within a day of your booking and dodge the charges. For further cancellation-related queries, approach the Aegean Airlines customer support team.


Official weblink: https://en.aegeanair.com

Regarding cancellation visit: https://en.aegeanair.com/plan/booking-info/changes-cancellations/

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