Is Wizz air safe to fly?

Can I fly with Wizz Air safely?

Wizz Air has managed to achieve a 7/7 safety rating for two years in a row. Also, the airline is considered amongst the top ten airlines if you want to make your journey safe and sound even during the pandemic. 

If you are wondering is Wizz Air safe, you must not give it a second thought as the airline tries to provide a secure environment. The airline has a significant fleet size, and all the aircraft have adopted all the preventive measures. 

Precautionary Measures Taken By Wizz Air 

Wizz Air strives its best to ensure safety from the moment you enter the airport until you deplane at your chosen destination. Some of the obstructive measures are listed below:

When At the Airport

  • Wizz Air has mandated the use of face masks at the airport and ensures that you do not lift them off unless and until necessary.
  • If you have booked a flight that might take more than four hours, then it is advised for you to carry an extra set of masks, and using protective gear can be an add-on.

When Checking In

  • You must keep a safe distance from other travelers and staff members even when checking in for your flight.
  • To make the check-in process even safer, you can get a boarding pass by checking in online.

When Onboard

  • Once you are onboard on your chosen Wizz flight, you need to wear a mask throughout your journey unless you have any medical exemption.
  • You need to present an authentic document stating your reason for exemption; also, travelers can remove their masks while intaking food, water, or any other beverages.

Some Precautionary Measures for Travelers

You should not worry and waste your additional time thinking about is Wizz air safe to fly as the airline has initiated some protocols that every traveler must abide by. If you are a Wizz Air traveler, you must keep the following mentioned things in mind:

  • Make sure that you wear a face mask that covers your nose, mouth, and chin area properly.
  • Also, you must keep sanitizing your hand to create a safe environment for yourself, your fellow travelers, and Wizz Air staff members.
  • And the airline has installed HEPA filters responsible for filtering any virus and its hazardous contaminants.
  • A traveler must act according to the travel guidelines released by the state government of the arrival and departure airport locations.

Is Wizz Air safe?

Now you can depict an efficient answer for is Wizz Air safe on your own after going through the measures taken by the airline. Also, if you face any trouble in comprehending the safety protocols imposed at Wizz Air, try contacting its official travel consolidators.

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