How long does Aegean take to refund?

Aegean Airlines is known as the flag-carrier of Greece, and it helps you get a flight that can suit your itinerary and the budget. The airline leverages its travelers with amazing deals and offers that can help them lead a joyous and seamless journey to their preferred destination. However, do not worry even if you want to cancel your itinerary with Aegean, as the airline has several policies to benefit you.

It takes around ten business days for the Aegean refund to process, and the refund amount depends on the fare rule applied while booking and several other factors, as discussed later in the article.

How can you request a refund from Aegean Airlines?

To get a refund from Aegean, you must qualify for all the terms and conditions as put forth by the airline. The airline accepts the refund request only if you proceed within the standard time limit as decided by Aegean. However, if your ticket qualifies all the terms and conditions, then you can follow the given steps and request a refund for your canceled flight on Aegean Airlines-

  • Open the official Aegean Airlines website to proceed with Aegean refund request formalities.
  • On the homepage, you can see the My Booking section at the front; click on it.
  • In this section, you can add and manage the seat assignments, change or cancel your flight, book extra services, and review the booking details in real-time.
  • Now, provide your booking reference number and the passenger’s last name; click the Continue button.
  • Next, select a reservation you wish to cancel; after selecting the reservation, you need to proceed by clicking on the Cancel option.
  • Now provide reasons for why you are canceling the flight and attach documents to support your reason.
  • If there are any cancelation charges, proceed further to pay them by selecting a payment method of your choice.
  • After the payment is successful, you can see a Request A Refund option given at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on it and wait until the request gets submitted.
  • The airline sends you a confirmation email or text about the refund request submission.
  • Also, you can track the refund status by clicking on the link that you get in the email or text.

Aegean refund for cancelled flight

Aegean refund for cancelled flights in real-time if you follow the given steps constructively. However, if you need additional refund-related assistance, then do not shy away from calling the Aegean Airlines customer service team who has ideas brimming in their heads to help you out effectively. The agents can cancel the reservation and help you get a refund on your behalf if you provide the necessary details and documents.

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