What time does it require to get the refund from Iberia?

When a traveler applies for a refund, they will have the refund from the airlines within 7-10 working days. After that, the passenger gets the refund amount on the original mode of payment. If the passenger makes the flight payment online, they will get the refund within 12 working days.

When you apply for a refund, you should be familiar with the policy and the procedure. Thus, this article can illuminate the Iberia refund request process and its approach. So, let's have a look at it.

What is the Iberian Airlines refund policy?

Iberia airline's refund policy is very customer amicable. You have to ensure that you have made your cancellation by thinking about the approach. Like this, you won't get to pay the cancellation charges. To know the policy, follow the information given beneath:

To stay away from the cancellation charge, you would have to ensure that you have followed two significant circumstances referenced beneath:

  • Travelers can apply for a refund in the wake of canceling their trip in no less than 24 hours of the flight, and they will have the refund within working days.
  • The following obligatory condition is to keep a hole of 7 days between the booking and the flight date.
  • If your flight ticket has been canceled by the Iberia airlines, you will get a refund.

That is all there is to it. This is the simple and basic Iberia refund policy. After following the means above, you will get the refund with practically no issue.

Iberia refund request

Follow the simple steps to make a Request for Iberia Refund

  • Open the official Iberia website to begin the refund process
  • Pick the Manage Your Booking option and afterward give the booking information.
  • The information you provide incorporates the booking code and the traveler's username.
  • Select the booking you want to cancel
  • And continue towards the payment page.
  • If there are cancellation charges, you require to pay them.
  • The airline sends you the refund request refreshes on the enrolled contact address.

But you should fulfill the Iberia refund policy presented to your advantage if you need a refund.

Know the Iberia refund status

If you are requesting a refund and want to know whether you are eligible for that or not, you can follow the below steps to check your Iberia refund status. Pursue further!

  • To check your refund status, visit the airline site https://www.iberia.com
  • Then fund the manage my booking tab, enter the required details like your name, reservation number, etc.
  • Then the new tab will open, and it will show you your refund status easily.

Now, you know the drill behind mentioning an Iberia refund policy and procedure and how you can try not to pay the exorbitant charges. Still, need help? The Iberia customer service will listen to you and can handle the refund for your benefit.

Official website: https://www.iberia.com

Ticket changes and returns with Iberia: https://www.iberia.com/us/faqs/changes-cancellations-refunds/

Regarding refund request visit: https://www.iberia.com/iberiaplus/refund-request/

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