How much does it cost to upgrade a business class on Iberia?

Are you looking forward to upgrading your Iberia booking to business class? No worries. Iberia provides you with several upgrade options, and you can enjoy the Iberia business class comfort anytime by paying a small number of upgrade costs.

If you wonder how much an Iberia upgrade cost, it is around $ 32, which varies from destination to destination and the distance of your location. Now let's get into more details and check out the upgrade process and policy.

Various ways to upgrade Iberia to Business class

Here you can find all the ways that Iberia allows you to upgrade your seat.

Bid the prices

As the name suggests, it's like a bidding procedure; you need to set the desired price for your upgrade. If the airline accepts your bidding amount, you are all set to go. In this process, you have to offer for each part of the journey, and the better the bidding amount, the higher the chance it gets accepted.

After you complete the bidding, you still have a chance to revise the request up to 5 days before departure. Besides whether the airline accepts your offer or not, you will get to know four days before the departure.

Via Campaigns

Iberia also runs a regular campaign on its official site, where it sets a price for every upgrade. The upgrade Iberia business class depends on the business class's route and flight fare. You can buy it as per your needs and requirements.

During Check-in

If you wish to go ahead with a last-minute upgrade, you can buy an upgraded ticket 24 hours before departure at check-in time. It is the same as purchasing a ticket where the airline offers a fixed price for higher-class tickets before departure, and if you want, you can go ahead with the purchase.

Iberia upgrade with Avio

The other way for Iberia upgrade to business class is using your Avios. It is available only for limited business class cabins. So if you are unsure, you must speak to the Iberia airlines representative before proceeding with the Avios upgrade.
Using the above options, you can upgrade your Iberia booking anytime. Besides, follow the procedure below to upgrade the seat by calling an Iberia representative.

Follow the procedure below to upgrade your seat. 

  • Visit the support page of Iberia and choose your number
  • Make a call using the Iberia customer service number and wait
  • You need to follow IVR carefully and connect to the live agent using the last option
  • You can then request the representative that you wish to upgrade your ticket 
  • The representative will confirm the upgrade cost; if you are ok, you can say yes and confirm with them to upgrade the seat. 

Iberia Upgrade to Business class policy 

  • As per the upgrade policy of the airline, you can upgrade the booking to business class anytime before the departure.
  • You need to pay additional charges for upgrading your Iberia seat to business class; the cost varies depending on route and location.
  • You get four ways to upgrade your booking; Bid price, campaign, During Check-in, and Avios.
  • You can upgrade the booking only if you purchase a ticket directly from the Iberia Airlines website, contact center, or airport. You must contact the agent directly if you have a third-party booking.

So reading the information above, you must be clear about the Iberia upgrade to business class procedure. Besides that, in case you still have any doubt or need additional information, speak to the customer support team of Iberia anytime.

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