How much does it cost to change the name on a TUI flight?

The thought of going for flight modification can make you feel tired, and rightly so because passengers who don’t interact with the airline system on a frequent basis don’t know about the available options and how to use them. This article will give you clarity on three topics in regards to the TUI name change; the procedure, policies, and the fee you can expect to pay.

Can I change the name on my TUI flight ticket?

TUI offers the users various options to make the changes to their already booked tickets. All the options that are accessible by passengers are mentioned here. These are:

Through the Website

  • On the official TUI website, look for the flight tab. Click the button from the toolbar available at the top. 
  • Now locate and open the booking management tool.
  • Enter your flight details and retrieve your TUI flight reservation.
  • Select the name change service and make the necessary modification.

If you need to make any payment, as per your scenario, complete the transaction to confirm the changes.

Through the Phone

To execute this process in accordance with TUI name change terms and conditions, you need the TUI support number.

  • Open the webpage dedicated to flights on the TUI website.
  • Open the help section and locate the contact details page.
  • Find the number most relevant to your location.

Now you can place the call and ask the agent to either help you with the name change process or do it on your behalf.

In a similar manner, you can access other contact channels available and ask for assistance accordingly.

TUI Name Change Policy: Terms & Conditions

  • The cancellation policies allow the passengers to change up to a few letters of the name to correct any misspelled word.
  • This change will come with certain costs. You will pay the name change fee, which will depend on various factors such as the flight date, date of the name change request, number of letters misspelled, etc. 
  • The TUI name change policy states that if your ticket falls under the following categories, then you are not eligible to make the change from the booking management tool. These are: - Ski holidays, Lakes & Mountains holidays, Twin center holidays, Group bookings, Weddings abroad, Hotel only bookings, Package with flights offered by another airline. For these cases, you need to connect with a live agent over a call.
  • The policies also dictate that if you involve any third party in carrying out this booking procedure, then only that party is eligible to make these changes. You need to connect with the associated agent and ask for a name change.
  • If you wish to completely change the name, you need to provide government id proof.

TUI Name Change Fee

The TUI name change fee is different based on the type of ticket you booked and other factors. In general, if you need to make slight changes, such as the spelling correction, the TUI will allow you to do that for free. If you, however, need to completely change your name, then TUI has the right to charge you around $32.

This price can go higher if you decide to make changes a few hours or days before the scheduled departure.

For more help and support, you need to connect with the TUI support team. Use any of the communication methods available. 

Official website:

Regarding changing the name on a booking visit:

Holidays booked with TUI Contact Centre: 0203 451 2688

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