How much does it cost to change the name on the Lufthansa ticket?

If you have mistakenly booked a ticket with Lufthansa airline with the wrong name or made changes in your name after purchasing a ticket, then the information mentioned here will help you out. Do not worry, as the airline provides a facility to change your name, but you must be aware of the Lufthansa name change policy below. 

Name Change Policy of Lufthansa Airlines

  • If a passenger makes changes in their flight within 24 hours of booking, there is no cost to your ticket as per the 24-hour risk-free name change policy of Lufthansa airline. 
  • A name change fee is applicable on the bookings that are modified after the grace period of Lufthansa airline, which is within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket. 
  • The full name cannot be changed; only three letters can be changed on your reservation with Lufthansa airline as per the policy. 
  • Passengers can make their name online through the manual process using the official Lufthansa airline website. You can also contact the customer care agent and request the team to change your name.
  • All the changes in your Lufthansa tickets are subject to availability with the airline.
  • You must show supportive documents like identity proof to the airline to change your name. 
  • A name change fee of USD 113 onwards is applicable as a penalty. Name change fee depends on certain parameters like time of change, time left in departure, ticket type, etc. 

Name Change procedure of Lufthansa airlines

After knowing about the name change policy of Lufthansa airline, you might want to know the Lufthansa name change procedure so follow the given guideline:

  • Browse the official Lufthansa airline website through your default web engine.
  • Go to the ‘my bookings’ section on the homepage and enter your booking code, first or last name, then click on the ‘find bookings’ button. 
  • Your flight reservation details will appear on the next window, so navigate the modify button and click on it. 
  • Now, make the necessary changes in your name and follow the on-screen procedure to get through the payments page. 
  • If required, make the payment to get the updated ticket to your registered mailing address. 
  • Download the ticket to get the boarding passes in the future, or you can print it also.

Lufthansa Name Change Cost

Passengers are advised to talk to the live human at Lufthansa airline in case of facing any difficulty while making the changes in their reservation. The Lufthansa name change cost is USD 113, depending on your ticket condition. The airline customer executives are actively available on phone calls, emails, chat support, and social media platforms. 

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