How much does it cost to change a Ryanair ticket?

Guide on Ryanair Flight Change Service Charge

Ryanair is an Irish budget airline that provides both domestic and international flights to various destinations. It offers timely flights to all the locations it offers its services to and serves in the best possible manner to all of its passengers effectively.

If you have a flight booking or a reservation with Ryanair that you no longer can fly, you need to go through the procedure of Ryanair change flight. Still, the only problem you are facing is you have got no idea about the process and the flight change free then do not worry because the following points will help you better understand the topic effectively.

Ryanair Change Flight Policy & Fee

The following points will help you understand everything about the changes that you wish to make on your Ryanair flight;

  • You can change your flight with Ryanair within 24 hours of your flight booking or a reservation.
  • You can make the desired changes on your flight ticket within the time span of your original booking.
  • The same can be done if your flight departure is 7 or more than 7 days away from the date of cancellation.
  • The changes can be made only if you made the flight booking or reservation with the help of the official website of Ryanair or by making a phone call to the official reservations number of Ryanair.
  • Changing flights after 24 hours will have to put up with the change fee. For online modification, the change fee costs about €/£45 per passenger for a one-way flight, while to modify a ticket at the airport, the change fee will cost just about €/£60 per passenger.

Ryanair Flight Change due to Covid

If you wish to know the flight change procedure amidst Covid, then the following points will help you significantly;

  1. Amidst Covid, you can change your Ryanair flight ticket for free even if you do not meet the refund policy or the cancellation policy. If you are stuck in a medical emergency at the time of your flight departure, or you cannot travel due to any problems, then you can change your flight date or make any minor changes on your Ryanair flight ticket free of cost. The changes can only be made one year from the date of your flight booking. If the time has already passed, you’ll have to get in touch with the support team of Ryanair for the expiration validity of your Ryanair ticket.
  2. Therefore, if you wish to know about Ryanair change flight due to covid, the points mentioned above will help you effectively. If you want to go with the procedure of making any changes, you can do so by surfing and taking help from the official website of Ryanair or by making a phone call to their support department. Suppose you made your booking with the help of a travel agent or an agency, you’ll have to contact the respective agency for the changes you wish to make on your Ryanair flight ticket for your practical benefit and convenience at the same time.

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