How much does it cost to change a name on a Loganair flight?

Loganair allows travelers to make name changes in their reservations only if they have a fully unused ticket. But, you must pay the applicable charges that vary as per your fare type and flight’s length to complete the name change formalities.

You can complete the Loganair change name procedure online by visiting the airline’s official website. But, to complete the changes hassle-free, you need to comply with the name change policy as presented by the airline. Check out this article to find relevant information about changing names at Loganair.

Loganair Name Change Policy

Generally, the airline does not allow you to make name changes in your reservation. However, in case of legal changes, you can correct names once at least two hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. 

Steps for how to change the name on Loganair flight

Follow the given steps if you made a genuine mistake in your name and now want to correct it:

  • Open the official homepage of Loganair and look for the Manage Booking tab; click it.
  • Enter your Surname followed by the Booking Reference Number for the Loganair change name on the ticket. Tap the submit button to access your booking.
  • Once you get the booking, go for the name change section and bring the required modification to the reservation.
  • Review the details and check out the name change page by paying the applicable charges, if any.
  • Wait to process the transaction, and you receive a new invoice for the same itinerary with an updated name in the Passenger’s name field.
  • Use this invoice to check-in for your flight and get a boarding pass.

You can rely on the given steps if you have pre-requisite information beforehand. To bring the name change, you must attest to some important documents to verify the reason for the change. In the next section, you learn about the name change fee imposed by Loganair.

Loganair Name Change Fee

The flights are non-refundable at Loganair, but you can snap out one name change per reservation provided that you complete the changes up to 2 hours before the scheduled departure. 

So, do not wait any further now that you know how you can skip paying the Loganair name change fee. Also, if you face technical glitches in modifying the names on your ticket, you can contact the Loganair customer service team for the same. The agents can guide you with the conditions and complete the name change formalities on your behalf, so hurry up now!

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