How much does an Air France upgrade cost?

If you have already booked your ticket with Air France and now wish to change it to have extra legroom space and get a better quality of food, or if you wish to carry the extra luggage with you, you can easily upgrade your seat with Air France business class. There are many benefits of upgrading your seat in the business class of Air France as you will get check-in priority, and you will have an opportunity to relax in a comfortable, quiet, and peaceful lounge. You will also get priority while boarding the flight. There are many ways to upgrade your seat with Air France.

Methods to upgrade seat with Air France 

  • Upgrade to a surcharge-Contact your travel agent or the Air France airlines and get your upgrade by making a payment from your credit card. You need to pay for the fuel surcharge if you wish to upgrade your seat with Air France.
  • Upgrade for miles- This option is available only when you wish to Air France upgrade from premium Economy class to Business Class. If you wish to know how many miles to upgrade to Business Class Air France, click on 'Show advanced options and select a booking class of your fare to choose the right price.
  • Free Upgrade to Business Class- There is an option for Air France to upgrade to business class for free if you make the changes within 24 hours from when you booked your flight ticket. However, the change will be subject to the airline's seat change policy.  
  • Flying Blue Air France and other membership Privileges- There are a lot of benefits for those who come into the category of flying blue airlines membership. For instance, there will be an option to pile the numbers of your miles up and get a reward that you can spend on other flights, hotels, and other places. The Air France upgrade cost may also be relatively lower for the passengers who come under the membership.
  • Other Possible Ways- You can get an upgrade by contacting the support person at the airline, and the assigned person will provide you with the best help in the process of upgrading. While dealing with the executive, you need to look confident as it will impact your last-minute upgradation.

Air France upgrade to business class cost

It costs between $250 and $500 to upgrade to Air France business class. The miles necessary to upgrade to Air France business class are between 7500 and 95000.

Procedure to upgrade the Air France Seat

  • Go to the official domain of Air France Airlines.
  • Visit the 'manage booking' Section.
  • Fill out the required details, i.e., your last name and the reference booking number.
  • Go to your flight and click on the upgrade option.
  • Follow the on-screen process to complete the procedure of upgradation.

For any query or required details, visit the airline's customer service, or you can also give a call the customer care phone number.

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