How much time does it take to receive a refund from United Airlines?

United Airlines offers refund services to its customers when they cancel their flight tickets due to unavoidable circumstances. United Airlines provides the refund amount based on certain conditions predetermined by them. In addition, if you are eligible for the refund and looking for clarification about the United airlines refund, and how much time it takes to process the refund, kindly follow the details mentioned below. 

The time is taken by the United airline to process the refund: 

United Airlines process the refund online within 7-8 working days. Suppose your refund is not processed within one billing cycle. In that case, the passenger can contact the customer service or credit card company or wait for another 20 working days for the refund to be credited. Let’s read further about the United airlines refund policy to make it clear how you can quickly get the refund. 

What is the United Refund policy? 

  • As per the united refund policy, you can only be eligible for the refund once you fill out the refund request. 
  • Once your refund is successfully sent to the airline, the refund will be processed within seven working days. 
  • You have to request a refund for the canceled flight up to 15 days before your flight's scheduled departure. 
  • Based on the refund policy, when you cancel a refundable flight ticket, the airline provides the refund as per your original payment. 
  • In addition, United Airlines gives the passenger a refund for a non-refundable flight ticket, but with some charges, up to $50-150. 

How one can check the refund status of United airlines?  

Those who have canceled the flight after making the flight reservation and already submitted their refund request and now want to check the refund status can follow the underneath details: 

  • To check out the refund status on united airlines, the customer needs to visit the airline website. 
  • On the particular page, the passenger needs to open the refund page. 
  • Enter your booking details and click on the process option. 
  • Once your booking details are found, the customer can click on the check flight status tab. 
  • Further, the customer can check the refund status and check the booking accordingly. 

Besides, if you have a query about how you can check United airlines refund status, you can reach out to United Airlines customer service and ask your question and manage your refund accordingly. The customer service team is always available to assist their customers. 


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