How long before your flight can you check in Jet2?

Jet 2 is a famous British low-cost airline that is also ranked as the 3rd largest airline flying from the UK airport to more than 60 destinations worldwide. Apart from being the most significant airline worldwide, it also provides the best assistance and service to the passenger during the process of check-in and at the time of booking the flight ticket. Read out the given article to know the process of Jet2 check-in and the policy as per the airlines. As people often get confused while executing the process of flight check-in, you can do the process of check-in online as well as at the airport. The process may vary a little in online and offline modes, also if you also have baggage other than the prescribed baggage weight. In that case, you also have to check in a little earlier than the usual time. Before proceeding with the check-in process, let's understand the policy of the Jet2 check-in.

Jet2 check-in policy

  • As per the Jet2 check-in policy, the passengers are required to check-in at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure if they wish to process for online check-in.
  • The passengers have to proceed at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure of their domestic flight and 4 hours before the international flight.
  • You also have to proceed with the baggage check-in at the time of check-in and if your baggage weight exceeds the prescribed weight. In that case, you must pay the charges as per the extra weight of your baggage.
  • If you are traveling just with your cabin bag, in that case, you will be allowed to check-in at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure of your domestic flight and 1 hour before your international flight.
  • If you have any special requirements like wheelchair assistance, in that case, you have to inform at the airport at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure of your airline.
  • You are also advised to reach the airport 1 hour before the mentioned check-in time.
  • Now you are required to show the boarding pass at the airport 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. 

Jet2 check-in online

There are some simple steps that you are required to follow to initiate the check-in process through online mode. 

  • Get on to the official website of Jet 2 airlines and look for the flight check-in option.
  • Once you get redirected to the web check-in page, fill out the necessary details asked on the screen, including your reference number and the passenger's last name.
  • Click on the submit button and select your seats on the given screen and complete the process of check-in.
  • Once the online check-in process is complete, you'll see the boarding pass on your given screen. 
  • You can either download your boarding pass right away or wait for the airlines to mail you the hoarding at your registered mail address.

Jet2 check-in at the airport 

You can also proceed toward the traditional check-in process, where you have to keep in mind certain things.

  • You are required to arrive at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled departure of your domestic flight and 4 hours before the departure of your international flight.
  • After reaching the airport, directly proceed towards the check-in counter to complete the process of check-in and get your boarding pass.
  • You also have to proceed with the baggage check before going for the boarding process.
  • If your baggage weight is higher than the prescribed weight of the baggage by the airline, in that case, you have to pay the charges for the excess baggage.

Jet2 mobile check-in

The mobile check-in is available for 5 hours before the scheduled flight departure of your flight. And the process of check-in with your mobile phone is somewhat similar to the online check-in process.

  • Download the Jet2 mobile app, or you can also visit the website of the airlines.
  • If you wish to proceed on the airline's website, you have to follow the online check-in process mentioned above.
  • If you opt for the Jet2 app, there will be an option for check-in after logging in with your account in the Jet2 app.
  • Fill out the details asked, like your PNR number and the passenger's name.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process of check-in.
  • Download the boarding pass available on your screen and print it to show it at the boarding counter of the airport.
  • You'll also receive the boarding pass through your registered email address.

Jet2 check-in baggage

  • As per the baggage check-in policy of Jet2, passengers can carry the baggage weighing not more than 66kgs.
  • Each passenger is allowed to carry three bags that together don't exceed the given weight limit.
  • Make sure not to carry the times prohibited by the airlines, like the liquid, sticky and oily items, and sharp and harmful objects.
  • There will be the levy of a charge on you for the extra weight carried by you.

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