How Do I Get Through To Iberia Airlines?

Want to talk to someone in Iberia? Get all information to contact Iberia customer service

Iberia customer support offices are located worldwide to provide you with support and services. If you have any booking-related issues or need to know about your refund status, you can contact Iberia customer support anytime.

However, you can also call Iberia Airlines customer service when seeking instant assistance. Although the calling procedure is quite simple, you can follow it below if you are unaware of it.

How to talk to someone at Iberia Airlines?

To talk to a live person at Iberia, dial the Iberia customer care number 1 800 772 4642 on your mobile. Then press 1 for English and be on the call to contact a live agent. You can also follow the process below to contact the airline over the call.

  • Dial the customer service number 1 800 772 4642 on your mobile
  • Then wait for your call to connect and press 1 to choose English 
  • You can follow the running IVR instructions carefully
  • Select the option that matches your inquiry
  • You can then choose the option to speak to the live agent
  • Wait on the call for a few minutes, and soon you will be able to speak to the live agent

You can follow the process above to contact Iberia on call. However, if you need an Iberia airline for any particular region, you can visit the Iberia offices link here If you wonder, what is the best time to call the airline? You can check the Iberia service hours below.

Iberia Airlines customer service hours

Fortunately, Iberia provides 24/7 hours of assistance to its customers. So, you can call the airline 24 hours a day and get in touch with its live agent anytime.

Iberia customer support phone number 

  • Iberia's customer service number is 1 800 772 4642. You can contact Iberia Live agents 24/7 when seeking any assistance.
  • If you need assistance with an Iberia plus card, you can use the number 1 800 772 4642.
  • For accessibility services and information related assistance, you can call on 1 800 994 0704
  • To get any country's Iberia Airlines customer service phone number, you can visit

Iberia Social Media Network links 

Iberia also has various social media networks that you can use to contact the airline. It generally takes one hour to get help from the airline via social media links. If you wish to contact Iberia via social media network, you can follow the link below to reach out to the airline.

Contact Iberia support via Email

If you wish to share any feedback, complaints, compliments, etc., you can use the Iberia official email address below to contact the airline.

Iberia live Chat support

Iberia doesn't provide any chat support; you can contact the airline if you have any issues. 

You can use Iberia Airlines contact number, 1 800 772 4642, available on the support page. You can also use the link connect to the airline.

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