How do I get a refund from Norwegian Air?

Easy guide to help you claim a refund from Norwegian Air!

Norwegian Air, considered Europe’s fourth-largest low-budget carrier, helps you book an inexpensive flight to your preferred destination. But do not worry while you face any trouble continuing with the journey, and now you need to cancel it as the airline has got your back.

You can cancel the flight ticket and claim a refund on it by following some easy steps online. Here, you can get important information about the Norwegian Air refund policy, starting with some efficient ways to claim a refund at the airline.

Steps to help you claim a refund at Norwegian Air

If you have stoned the idea of canceling the itinerary with Norwegian Air, you can proceed further by claiming a refund. Follow the given steps constructively to get a refund from Norwegian Air-

  • Open the official Norwegian Air homepage.
  • Navigate the Help and Contact option shown in the menu.
  • Tap on the Claims and Feedback link from the page that appears on your screen.
  • There, you need to select the refund you wish to retrieve.
  • Fill in the form by entering details depending on the reason why you are canceling the flight.
  • To submit the Norwegian Air refund request, you must enter the ticket booking number and the passenger’s surname.

The steps mentioned can help you retrieve a refund from the airline without having to face any trouble. You can also try contacting the Norwegian customer service team to proceed with the refund formalities on your behalf; you might have to pay some assistance charges along with the cancellation charges, if any.

Norwegian Air refund terms and conditions

Take a look at some of the discussed terms and conditions associated with Norwegian Air before you proceed further and claim for a refund-

  • Norwegian Air states that a traveler can change or cancel their itinerary at least 30 minutes before the flight takes off.
  • If you comply with the instructions properly, you can get a full refund for your LowFare, LowFare+, and Premium tickets.
  • The airline provides you compensation if you have cancelation protection. You can purchase the cancelation protection while booking a ticket with Norwegian Air.
  • When you cancel the ticket due to any sudden medical urgency, you can submit a special request providing the details of your medical conditions.

Getting a Norwegian Air refund is not a big deal, but your ticket must satisfy the general terms and conditions put forth by Norwegian Airlines to get a refund. Nevertheless, the customer service agents are more than happy to help you understand the refund policy at Norwegian Airlines.

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