How to claim a refund from Loganair?

Loganair is highly renowned for its flexible cancellation and refund policy to fulfill the traveler’s urgent requirements. Requesting a refund from Loganair is not a tough task as you need to follow some easy steps to submit the request. However, you must follow up on the refund terms and conditions to get a hassle-free refund.

Don’t worry, as this article guides you with all-inclusive details about Loganair refund requests and their crucial policies. Here, you get a clear picture of how you can submit the refund request and get a full refund by complying with the refund policy.

Steps To Request A Refund from Loganair 

Follow the given steps, and you can raise your refund ticket without any troubles:

  • Use your preferred search engine to browse the official Loganair website.
  • Go to the Manage Booking section and enter the credentials like the booking reference number followed by Surname.
  • Once you enter the information, click on the OK button to choose your preferred reservation.
  • Follow the prompted instructions to cancel your reservation and provide essential documents relatable to it.
  • Also, give why you are canceling the reason and wait until the airline verifies the reason.
  • Next, check out the cancellation page by paying the required charges, if any.
  • After you complete the transaction, you see a refund request form.
  • Fill out the form by entering the important information, and then let the airline recalculate your refund money.
  • Lastly, you get the invoice of the request initiation on the registered contact address.
  • Moreover, you get a link to check the refund status in the same invoice. However, it takes only seven business days for the airline to credit your refund. But, if you are unable to request a refund, then the reason might be you don’t qualify Loganair refund policy. Want to know the refund terms and conditions so that you lead a smooth experience? Check out the next section.

Refund Policy of Loganair

You must qualify the terms and conditions put forth by the airline to receive a refund at the time of booking. However, Loganair does not refund all the fares, and you get a refund only:

  • When the airline cancels the reservation before prior notice, in such a scenario, the airline provides an arrangement in the next available flight that you can deny and claim a refund.
  • Also, you get a full refund if the airline reschedules your flight and you reach at least 5 hours later than the expected time.

Not all the travelers of Loganair are entitled to a refund, be it partial or full. So, you must follow the Loganair refund constructively after ensuring that you comply with the policy. Need more information? Try contacting the airline using their phone number or live chat services to get immediate assistance. 

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