How do I change passenger name on Air France?

Do you wish to witness a flexible booking experience? Give a chance and plan your next trip with Air France. The airline allows you to manage your booking easily in real-time without facing any inconveniences. 

Air France requires you to follow the Air France name change policy if you wish to change your name on the current reservation. The upcoming section can help you find understandable name change policies crafted by Air France to allow travelers!

General Name Change Policy at Air France 

Look at the following mentioned points to get a hold of the name change policy at Air France:

  • As per the updated name change policy of Air France, a traveler cannot change the real name no matter the reason and reissue the ticket for someone else.
  • If you typo while filling in the name details, you could contact the airline to make the necessary changes.
  • Also, Air France requires you to make necessary name corrections at least three days before the flight's scheduled departure.
  • And, you need to pay the applicable charges, if any, to make any necessary name corrections in your current reservation from Air France.

Name Change Fees at Air France

Like any other changes, if you wish to correct your name in the current reservation, you might have to pay some penalties against it. Take a look at the given points to understand the Air France name change fee put forth by Air France to make your booking experience even more seamless:

  • If you make the changes using the Air France physical service center, you need to pay an extra $20 as administration charges with the name change fee.
  • If you bought your ticket originally from a third-party consolidator and now need help from Air France to bring name correction, you need to pay the charges up to $50.
  • You are allowed to make free name corrections if you complete the formalities within a day of the ticket's original purchase. 
  • Also, the name change fee you must pay depends on the fare type you bought, the length, and your flight route.

Easy Procedure to Change Name at Air France

Grab a seat and follow the given steps if you made mistakes in filling out the Air France booking forms and now want to correct them:

  • Use your favorite search engine and browse for Air France's official website.
  • Visit the Manage Booking section and enter the required details to find your Air France reservation.
  • Next, you get to a new page dealing with flight booking management sections; look for the Review / Modify section.
  • Go for the modification section and bring the required changes to your name; ensure that you make changes per the applied conditions.
  • Cross-check the details and tap the Continue button once you are satisfied with the changes.
  • If there are any charges, pay them by choosing a payment option of your choice.
  • After the transaction gets successful, the airline sends you an updated invoice of your itinerary on the registered email address.

So, it is easy to process the Air France name change as you need to follow some comprehensive guide only. The above-discussed steps can help you bring necessary name corrections. However, Air France is always ready to help you if you face trouble processing the name change formalities!

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