How do I cancel my Vueling flight?

A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Cancel a Vueling Reservation!

Vueling Airlines strives to provide an easy and understandable cancellation policy through a low-cost airline. The policies imposed by Vueling Airlines are intended to cater to the needs and requirements of travelers who face inconsistencies. You can proceed with Vueling cancellation on your own, but Vueling customer service is ever-present to help you out if you need guidance. Persist in with the article to find an easy guide that can help you cancel a reservation and understand the relatable policy.

Easy Guide to Cancel a Vueling Flight

Vueling Airlines allows you to cancel your reservation by several means, of which using its official website and customer service are popular options. Take a thorough study about canceling your Vueling reservations using the online method of cancellation-

  • Open the airline's official website homepage using your preferred search browser.
  • Use your unique Vueling username and password to log into your Vueling account.
  • Navigate the Manage My Booking section and enter credentials such as the confirmation number followed by the passenger's family name.
  • Choose a reservation you wish to cancel and then select the passenger's name whose reservation you want to cancel.
  • Then tap on the Cancel tab to proceed with the cancellation.
  • Insert the reason for canceling the flight and then attach authentic documents to support the reason.
  • The airline calculates the extra charges and prompts the refund money on the screen.
  • Proceed with the confirmation and wait until you receive an invoice of your cancellation and refund request submission.

The Vueling Basic fare cancellation policy states that you can get a refund within 21 working days of request submission. Well, before you cancel your ticket, you must know that Vueling has released some guidelines that every traveler must follow to skip paying the charges. 

General Cancellation Conditions at Vueling

Go through the general terms and conditions of canceling a reservation with Vueling-

  • If you have booked a refundable flight ticket with Vueling, you are allowed to cancel your reservation anytime you want without paying any charges.
  • You can only process the refund online if you made the flight purchase online; otherwise, contact the customer service number of Vueling.
  • The Vueling cancellation fee ranges depending on booking a refundable or non-refundable ticket.
  • The condition of a risk-free cancellation is there should be a time difference of at least 48 hours between cancellation and the flight's scheduled departure. 
  • If you have booked a Vueling's non-refundable flight ticket, you must complete the cancellation formalities within 48 hours of initial booking to claim a full refund.
  • Also, if you have Cancellation Insurance Coverage, the airline charges no cancellation fees. 
  • The cancellation fees at Vueling vary between $100 and $500 if you surpass the standard cancellation period. 

The Vueling cancellation policy is generally introduced to benefit travelers going through any crisis with their itinerary. So, consider all the key points mentioned earlier in this article to qualify for a full refund and skip paying unnecessary cancellation charges. Consider talking to the airline's official travel consolidators when in a problem. The agents can cancel the reservation for you and process the refund in real-time!

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