How Do I Get in Touch with KLM?

Suppose you have any problems or queries when making your flight reservations on KLM. In that case, you can contact the customer service team differently and get immediate assistance to resolve your queries. If you don't know how to contact KLM by phone to talk to a live representative, then follow the below IVR options:

How do I speak to someone at KLM UK?

  • Dial the phone number 020 7660 0293
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • Press 3 for the current or previous booking.
  • Press 5 for the complaint or feedback.
  • Press 7 to repeat the menu.
  • Press 9, and then wait for fewer seconds until you connect to a live person.

Different KLM Customer Service Phone Numbers

You can use a list of customer service numbers provided by KLM to resolve the different queries. You can use the below phone numbers for KLM:

  • Dial the KLM customer service number, 1-800-618-0104, which you can use for all reservation queries.
  • For purchasing a new ticket or changing a ticket, dial 1-866-434-0320.
  • For the KLM Whatsapp number, dial +31-20-649-0787

KLM Customer Service Hours

You can contact the customer service team at KLM to resolve the different sorts of queries on their prescribed timings, which are given below:

Days: Monday to Friday.

Timing: 8 am to 11.59 pm EST.

Contact KLM Customer Service via Social Media

KLM is available on social media platforms where you can easily follow them and contact a live representative to resolve queries. You can get KLM customer service on the below social media platforms in a straightforward manner:

  • Via the KLM Facebook page: You can visit from your browser and contact the customer service team.
  • Via the KLM Twitter page: You can use to contact a representative at KLM regarding the different queries.
  • Via KLM Whatsapp: You can also connect to a live representative at KLM using Whatsapp and get immediate assistance on different queries. You can use +31-20-649-0787 to add KLM on Whatsapp or directly visit:
  • Via Official weblink visit:

Contact KLM Customer Service via Email

You can email KLM regarding your particular problem at the official KLM website under the Contact Us section visit:

Contact via KLM Mailing Address

You can also write to KLM at their official mailing address by describing the multiple queries and getting a customer service team's response. You can use the below mailing address for KLM to send your queries:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

P.O Box 7700

1117 ZL Schiphol

The Netherlands

  • Customer Reviews
    • review-image
          • PETER MANLEY

    • review-image
          • Ansie Gunter
      • Good day Please advise I am travelling from Cape Town to Seatlle with KLM airlines with 3 hour layover in Amsterdam Will I require I require an Schechen visa.

    • review-image
          • mary angela mcgeehan
      • Bordering on suicidal as cannot manage to change my booking name Angela McGeehan for my passport name Mary Angela Mcgeehan. KLM asked for copy of passport and when sent, deleted it as inappropriate sharing of info on internet. I travelled over 100 miles to get family to help me send requested copy. I am a big fan of KLM as I use them several times a year to visit family abroad and the service is first class. But this simple first name change is stressing my failing heart considerably

    • review-image
          • Clive North
      • Would like to thank Jesh for her help today. Very very grateful. Excellent service. Very grateful

    • review-image
          • LE MIERE
      • how can i got my invoice in EURO and not in USD?

    • review-image
          • le miere
      • we flew from TLS to AMS on 14 Oct. and return on 18 Oct. 2022. We asked for the invoice but we received it in USD for an amount of 314.80 USD. We need the invoice in EURO. What should be done to got the invoice in EUR, if needed, here are the flight details: the booking number TLS AMS is O4P7C4 ticket n°0742458541032 for Regis Montagne ticket n°0742458541031 for Marie-Pierre Le Miere do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for coop. Rgrds, Mrs le Miere & Mr Montagne

    • review-image
          • Dennis Schnelzer and Mary Carlock
      • Because of hurricane Ian: We have been rebooked by/from Lufthansa to KLM from Bucharest to Tampa. Have been unable to contact anyone to talk to about concerns or options. It appears Tampa (TPA) should reopen on Saturday. Is a Friday (29th) or Saturday (30th) departure available? With KLM disclaimers online of a very busy airport, is the layover time adequate for a change of planes (ih 20m)?

    • review-image
          • Lily
      • My luggage flew from Amsterdam to London Heathrow with KL10009 on 10th July. I still didn?t receive it. I am at Heathrow airport and trying to find someone help to get my luggage. But could find. Please help!

    • review-image
          • Irene Cotter
      • My husband and I are flying to Rome on 11th March - Booking code: QJYCUI leaving Edinburgh on Flight KL1282 at 13.20 - 15.55 at Schiphol. We have only 1 hour transfer at Schiphol for flight KL1607 at 16.55 to Rome. This is the information you have given regarding our flights and transfer but we are extremely concerned at the short transfer at Schipol which is an extremely busy airport. If our first flight is delayed we will obviously miss the transfer, if there is any problem delaying us at the transfer (bearing in mind we are not in the EU) which takes more time we are likely to miss our Rome flight. If that is the case what steps do you take to get us to Rome that evening. Please let us know as we are quite anxious about our flights and transfer time. If you can arrange a different time and flight for us on the day with better connexions we would appreciate you doing this for us. Thank you Irene Cotter

    • review-image
          • angela braun
      • I have a flight for Feb 6 2022 and there is a problem ,I am trying to contact KLM . Please LET ME KNOW IF I CAN STILL FLY ON FEBRUARY 6 ??? AT SOME POINT TRIED TO CANCEL THIS FLIGHT BUT YOU SENDING MESSAGES THAT IS STILL ON PLEASE CONFIRM BOOKING CODE ( VLE8T6) Aircraft KL2661 Thank you for a speedy response Angela Braun +436604842306

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