How can I get a hold of WestJet?

If you are confused between the two flights of WestJet Airlines, you are still unsure of your travel plan. Then, Don't Worry! WestJet Airlines have done its best to assist the travelers like you. You are given the option of holding the wish. This policy is popularly known as "WestJet Hold the fare." Do you wish to know further about it? Then read this article until the end to learn about the WestJet hold service.

Learn more about WestJet hold service

  • With the hold service, WestJet provides you the option of buying time to pay for your flight.
  • You are to pay $10 to hold the fare you see today and pay the rest within three days.
  • This process can be done only when you book the flight through WestJet's official website.

Term and conditions of WestJet hold service

To know how the WestJet hold functions, you need to know the terms and conditions. Read further to learn about the highlights of the terms and conditions.

  • The fees you pay for holding the fare for three days are non-refundable and are not added to the flight ticket.
  • The hold fare flight selected by the passengers can be changed or canceled within 24 hours and is subjected to the standard policy of WestJet.
  • The "Hold the fare" option is available while selecting the flight and the passengers can further pay through the Manage Booking tab or by contacting the customer care services of the WestJet airlines. 
  • You are subjected to pay for the flight fare within the 72– hours of using the Hold the fare service. 
  • You can book your flight and make the payments through the official WestJet airlines or contact the WestJet customer service.

How can you use WestJet to hold the fare service?

You can secure your flight with this initiative of WestJet and travel stress-free; however, how to do that is the query now, so follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The primary step of all is to go and visit the official website of WestJet Airlines
  • Choose your preferred airlines and see whether your flight qualifies for "Hold the fare".
  • Then, you can click on it and make the payment of $10. 
  • The flight will be held for 3 days on the same fare.
  • You can review your flight and if satisfied, go to the "Manage my Trips" and write the flight booking number and pay for your flight. 
  • You will be able to make the payment at the reserved rate. 

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