Does Virgin Atlantic have extra legroom seats?

Yes, Since May 2017, Virgin Atlantic Australia has been offering extra Legroom to economy class travelers through their economy. This has been finished by changing over the initial three lines of the economy X, cabin 3-5 on its Boeing 737-800 planes into this new X Zone. 

As well as more Legroom 3.5 inches as Virgin extra legroom seats,  different advantages for Economy X travelers incorporate need boarding up, selective admittance to upward storage space, premium check-in, clamor dropping earphones, and dependable food. 

Virgin Atlantic Extra Legroom Seat

With three more inches of Legroom, you will encounter a genuine expansion in the rich feel of your excursion, and it tends to be exceptionally valuable if you're going with little kids, particularly if they like a touch of leeway.

The new 34-inch legroom seat on Virgin, accessible from this spring, will give travelers a choice in the middle of economy and Virgin's more costly premium economy seat. Rival airlines British Airways and Norwegian additionally offer economy seats with 31 creeps of Legroom.

To make mindful of: 

  • The travelers should be no less than 16 years of age upon their arrival of the travelers, and they can't be going with babies. 
  • They should likewise be physically fit as in a crisis circumstance; they should have the option to open the leave entryway independently. 

How much is Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy legroom?

Premium economy valuing begins from $29 extra on short domestic flights. The Virgin extra legroom seat cost for an Even More Space seat purchase relies on the flight routes you reserve the seat for. You will be shown the even more Space seat cost on the seat map when holding your seat for a Virgin Atlantic Flight. The Virgin Atlantic Even more space seats can cost between $15 to $ 29 each way, except for the standard ticket cost. 

How can you book an extra legroom seat?

If you want to make a Virgin Atlantic booking for the extra Legroom, then follow the beneath details: 

At the time of booking 

  • Online: select an Economy X seat on the booking page online during the booking process. 
  • By phone: Request an economy X seat when you make another booking through the Guest Contact Centre. 

In the wake of the booking 

  • Online: Add Economy X to your booking through Manage your booking.
  • By phone: Call Guest Contact Center and request to add Economy X to your current booking.

During check-in 

Economy X seats will be accessible for buying through our internet-based check-in or checking counters or stands at the airport.

Along these lines, you will get the extra legroom seats while going with Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Now, the most affordable ticket available is the best decision for everything. If your spending plan allows you for Virgin extra legroom seats, then your journey will be more awesome and comfortable. 

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