Does Singapore Airlines allow name change?

Yes, Singapore Airlines allows its passengers to change their names on their flight tickets. But there are some conditions for changing the name. to know about these conditions, read the Singapore airlines name change policy. It will help and guide you in changing the name on the flight ticket. The passenger's name on the flight ticket must match their identity documents. If the middle name is missing from the ticket, it is not a big deal because airlines will cross-check the first and last names.

How do I change a name on a Singapore Airlines ticket?

You can follow some simple and quick steps for Singapore airlines name change on a flight ticket. These ways are mentioned below. Select any way according to your convenience and change the name on the flight ticket.

Through a phone call: name change on a Singapore Airlines ticket can be done via phone call, Talk to a customer care executive and get your name changed.

  • Visit the website of Singapore airlines and log in to the account.
  • Select the region and country from the top right corner of the page
  • Navigate to the help page of the airlines
  • Click on "changes and refund" in your bookings section
  • Dial the given number, talk to a customer care executive and change the name.

After the name change on the flight ticket, reissue the new flight ticket on your registered mail id or registered phone number.

Through the website: you can change your name by yourself. All you have to do is follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the homepage of Singapore airlines
  • Log in to the account by entering your ID and password
  • Go to "my bookings" and enter the booking number and date of journey
  • Open the flight ticket and look for "make changes," and select it
  • Enter a new name and check whether you are eligible or not
  • If yes, then make the payment and download the new flight ticket.

Name change policy of Singapore airlines:

The airlines set up this policy for people to change their names. Passengers need to have the same name on their flight ticket and passport. Read these policies and then move further to change the name.

  • A passenger cannot change their name completely.
  • A passenger can correct the name up to 3 letters.
  • You are allowed to change the salutation in your name.
  • Singapore airlines allow you to add a middle name.
  • You can change your last name on tickets after getting married.
  • A passenger can only do a name change once per ticket.
  • If a flight ticket is booked through any travel agency, airlines will not allow you to change the name.
  • A passenger needs to show their Identity card to change their name.

Do Singapore airlines charge any name change fee?

Yes, Singapore airlines do charge some fee for changing the name. The Singapore airlines name change fee depends on what type of changes you are making. If the changes are major, the airlines will charge you $70. A passenger can use the free name change service by Singapore airlines. The condition for it is that a passenger should change their name within twenty-four hours after booking the flight ticket or the erection in the name is of a maximum of three letters then also airlines will not charge any fee.

Hopefully, by reading the name change policy, you must be clear about all the terms and conditions for a name change. You can change or modify the name on the flight ticket. Try to make these changes within twenty-four hours only and avoid the fee. Passengers can only change the name on the ticket, but you cannot transfer it to another person.

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