An inclusive guide about the Wizz Air check-in process, policy

Wizz Air is one of the top Airlines, providing various check-in options. You can check-in online by following a few steps and get your boarding pass instantly. In addition to that, you can also visit the Airport to complete the check-in process. Mobile check-in is another option you can use by downloading the Wizz Air mobile app. 

Here we have covered all about Wizz Air check-in options in detail; you can go through it to avoid hassle and stress.

Wizz Air Online Check-in 

Wizz Air offers free online check-in to reduce your fare cost. It is available between 3 days to 2 hours before the scheduled departure, if you buy a seat during the booking. If you don't purchase any seats with the booking, the online check-in will be available 48 days before the departure. You can follow the detailed procedure here to make it easy.

  • Go to the official widget of Wizz Air and then log in to your account
  • You can also visit the check-in & booking online link directly 
  • Now enter the confirmation number and last name, click on search
  • Select the flight you wish to check-in, click on the check-in option
  • You can follow the instruction and print your boarding pass 

You can complete the Wizz Air check-in online by following the procedures above. Besides, you can also go ahead with the mobile check-in option if your Airport supports the mobile boarding pass.

Wizz Air Check-in Mobile

You can follow the procedure below if you wish to check-in via Mobile. To start with, ensure to Install and download the Wizz Air mobile app.

  • Open the Wizz Air mobile app on your phone
  • Go to the using the Mobile browser
  • You can check-in online by entering the confirmation number and last name
  • Follow the instruction and retrieve your boarding pass 
  • In case you use the iOS operating system, you also get the option to save the boarding card in your wallet

Some Airports do not accept mobile boarding passes. In that case, you can use the web browser to access your booking and check-in online to get the boarding pass. You can also utilize the Airport check-in option by paying a small fee.

Wizz Air Check-in at Airport 

The Airport check-in requires a small fee; however, you don't need to pay a fee if online check-in is not available from your departure Airport. You can check the list of Airports by visiting the official site of Wizz Air online. 

To access Wizz Air check-in at Airport, visit the Wizz Airport check-in counter and meet the Wizz Air executive to complete the check-in process. For check-in at the airport, make sure to reach the Airport on time. Besides, you can also take help from the Wizz Air executive if you are stuck.

Wizz air check-in time

Using the information above, you can easily check-in at Wizz Air anytime. Besides, you must apply for the check-in on time, whatever option you choose. You can get to know about Wizz Air check-in time in detail by visiting the official site of Wizz Air. Furthermore, you can always speak to Wizz Air representatives if you need additional information.

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