Does Norwegian Airlines allow name change?

You can make name alterations easily if you have a reservation at Norwegian Airlines. The airline allows you to make considerable changes for free if you do it within the standard period as decided by the airline. But, when you surpass that period, the airline requires you to pay some penalty to proceed with any modification.

However, the Norwegian Airlines name change policy states that you can only bring the transition in case of a genuine change. There are several other important criteria that you must qualify for before processing the name change formalities. Check out the upcoming section to stay updated with the name change terms and conditions of Norwegian Airlines.

Name Change Policy of Norwegian Airlines

The airline strives to provide a flexible name change policy to benefit travelers who made a mistake while inserting name on the booking:

  • You can make name changes only if you have a confirmed reservation from the airline.
  • Also, you can make changes using Norwegian Airlines official portal only if you booked your ticket directly from the airline.
  • If you purchased your ticket from an online agent, contact them to bring a name alteration.
  • You can only make name corrections if:

1. Norwegian misspelled the name.

2. You wish to add or erase the last name in case of marriage and divorce, respectively.

3. You change the name due to legal orders.

  • You must submit a relative document to prove your change situation in all of the above scenarios.
  • As per the Norwegian Airlines name change policy, if you have a group booking, you need to separate that reservation and initiate a new PNR. Then only you can make name changes in a group booking.

If you want a hassle-free process, you must qualify for the given name change terms and conditions the airline mentions. The next section can guide you about the name change fees imposed by the airline if you exceed the risk-free period.

Name Change Fees of Norwegian airlines

The name change fees you pay depend on the fare type you purchase from the airline:

  • If you booked a LowFare and LowFare+, you might have to pay around 65 EUR against the name changes.
  • However, if you have a Flex fare, you can make free name changes in your reservation.

So, now you know about the Norwegian Airlines name change procedure and the conditions associated with it. Do not stall the process any further and make necessary changes in real-time. However, if you face trouble making the name change on your own, you can try contacting the airline’s professional agents to do the needful. Provide some essential information to them, and you can receive a changed itinerary promptly!

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