Is KLM allowing name change after reservation?

Yes, you can make name alterations up to 30 hours before the KLM flight’s scheduled departure. However, to bring the said changes, you must qualify the change terms and conditions as set across by the airline. So, do not worry if you made a mistake in your name while booking the ticket initially.

The KLM name change procedure requires you to complete the formalities within 24 hours of the booking for free. But, if you exceed the risk-free period, the airline imposes some penalty against the change. Need more such information? Take help from the forthcoming section, and you are good to go!

How do you change the name after booking at KLM Airlines?

Follow the given steps to bring name modification in your reservation:

  • Log into your account using the KLM Airlines official homepage.
  • Go to the manage booking tab and enter your reservation code and last name.
  • Choose your reservation, go to the modify tab, select the name and make necessary changes.
  • Next, the airline requires you to attach the proof of change and then continue by paying the charges, if any.
  • The airline sends you the corrected itinerary at the registered contact address.

So, you can rely on the given steps to bring the required modification in the name. But, keep up with the airline’s name change clauses. You can read the next section to learn about it!

KLM Name Change Policy

Check out the below-mentioned terms and conditions before you make any name changes:

  • You can only make changes online if you booked the ticket using the KLM official flight booking platform. So, if you booked your ticket from a third party, you need to contact them for the further name change procedure.
  • You cannot transfer the reservation’s ownership to someone else, and you cannot make same-day name changes as the departure.
  • You must pay half of the airfare against the cancellation if you exceed the 24 hours risk-free period.

Need to know how much you might have to pay the airline? The next section can enlighten you on the topic efficiently.

KLM Name Change Fee

Below discussed are the applicable name change charges imposed:

  • The airline does not require you to pay any name change fees if you bring the correction at least 30 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • However, you need to pay half of the fare against the name change if you fail to complete the formalities within the standard time.

What are you still dodging the change formalities for? Ensure that you qualify the standards as mentioned by the airline and then follow the given steps to bring modification yourself. Require help for the KLM name change? Do not worry, as you can take assistance from the airline’s professionals, and the agents can make the change even more seamless for you!

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