Can you book an extra seat on TUI?

TUI airlines are one of the most significant airlines. It has been working for more than 150 years, and it covers around 96 destinations around the globe. If you are a frequent flier, you would know the importance of seats. The quick response to your query is yes. TUI provides extra legroom to make your flight more comfortable and perfect. If you want to make your flight journey comfortable, you can book an extra seat. 

This article will tell you how to book an extra seat on TUI and how you can select the TUI Airlines extra legroom seats. To know more about the process, keep pursuing. 

What is an extra legroom seat on TUI? 

The TUI has the extra legroom seats with 30 to 35 and the center seat TO rows 36 E and 36F. These seats have enough space, even when the passenger has fully reclined in front of your heart. 

TUI extra seat selection 

If you want to select the extra seat, you need to know more about the term and the conditions. To book your extra seat, you need to make a booking at least 72 hours before your departure, and you need to contact the customer service team to reserve your seat. 

Here are the ways how you can book the extra seat on TUI: 

If you planned your trip with TUI and decided to book the extra legroom seat, then for the TUI booking online, you need to follow the beneath stated steps: 

  • You can go to the official site of TUI Airlines
  • Then select the center by visiting the Manage my booking option. 
  • You need to choose the time of your flight booking or click on the edit option and select the new seat. 
  • Then, you can also change your seat arrangements using your customer account, and you are good to go. Your seat is booked quickly.  

Are extra legroom seats worth it, TUI?

Let us tell you that Worth is subjective. If you are wondering about, Are TUI extra legroom seats worth it, then know that if the additional legroom seats offer essential to you, it is a big yes, it is worth it. If you all want an extra couple of inches of additional legroom, then no, it will not be.  

Therefore where are these extra legroom seats located on TUI? These extra legroom seats are close to the emergency exit doors, behind the diving wall, which provides you the extra space too. They are also found in the first row of the Economy club cabin. 

So, this is everything you need to know about TUI Airlines extra legroom seats. To learn more about seat selection, you can read the FAQ section on the official website. And, if you are facing further issues, you can contact the customer service team.  

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