A quick guide on how to book an extra seat for Ryanair booking

Have you confirmed reservations with Ryanair, and do you wish to book extra seats for your reservations? Then, you can go through this detailed article to gather complete information on the same and manage your itinerary.

What is the procedure to book an extra seat with Ryanair?

For travelers who are willing to purchase an extra seat but still have queries on Can I buy an extra seat on Ryanair? As per the services offered by Ryanair, the traveler does get an option to confirm an extra seat.

Steps to book an extra seat with Ryanair

To confirm an extra seat, the traveler needs to book one seat in the actual passenger's name and select the other seat as a comfort seat. Further, to help travelers book confirm an extra seat online, here are the steps to confirm the seats for your itinerary. If needed, the traveler can even seek help from the Ryanair representative.

  • Begin the process by visiting Ryanair's website and click on My Bookings.
  • Then, the traveler can provide the reservation details and continue with the process.
  • Further, opt for the book extra seat option and continue with the process.
  • Now, select a suitable extra seat and confirm the same by making an online payment.
  • After the extra seat is confirmed, the traveler will get notified regarding the same.

Thus, in this way, the traveler can confirm Ryanair extra seat. But, to ensure that travelers don't face difficulty, here are extra seat policy pointers that one needs to abide by.

Extra seat policy of Ryanair

  • Passengers who booked an extra seat for comfort are not permitted to buy a reserved seat in emergency rows 1, 16, and 17.
  • The travelers who have purchased an extra seat can use the online check-in process using the same travel documents.

Other points to remember

Before confirming Ryanair extra legroom seats, travelers are suggested to keep the following pointers in mind and purchase an extra seat.

  • Extra seats do not offer any cabin or checked baggage allowance.
  • And travelers who are allocated seats can contact the airline customer service or opt for the live chat service to confirm an extra seat.

Thus, this is the complete information on Ryanair extra seat policy and procedure. Still, for travelers who have queries regarding the procedure and policy, one can reach out to the airline representative or visit the airline website to gather complete information and manage their booking.

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