Can I book an extra seat on WestJet?

WestJet Airlines provides the best seat selection to make the journey more comfortable and perfect. If you want a more comfortable flight journey, you can contact the representative who will provide you with all the details and fantastic flight services. But sometimes you might face an issue while booking your flight ticket of seta selection, so there is a tremendous process of accessing a customer representative in no time. 

WestJet Airlines extra seat booking 

You can make a pre-booking for your seat when you want to check-in online, and you should do this 24 hours before your flight schedule. Therefore when you want to select WestJet extra seat, you can find out the seat selection and the flight booking process. And this process will be done in the business class, which offers complete facilities of seat section online without facing issues. 

Here are ways to get the extra seat booking in business class:

  • First, visit the official website, and now you can select the manage booking and choose your flight to enter the flight booking number into the required fields. 
  • Enter the customer's details and move to the next page to select seat selection to click on the extra seats. 
  • Your seat can randomly be given to you, so you do not need to pay any charges.
  • You have to select the seats to find the best seating, and then you should move to the next. 
  • You can choose the emergency exit, and if you have chosen the extra seat, you can easily book your seat in the business class in the first row. 

Does WestJet have extra legroom seats?

Yes, WestJet provides extra legroom seatings for their customers. For well-being reasons, you should meet the exit seating limitations. These are the lines after our Premium seats and before the exit row seats. These WestJet extra legroom seats offer a couple of more crawls of extra legroom to move around and first to land the airplane after landing. 

Additional legroom seating

If you are searching for more space while choosing a seat, we have choices. Search for various coded seat choices while booking or dealing with your excursion.

Preferred seats: These seats give extra legroom1 and are situated at the front of the economy lodge, taking into account a faster exit upon landing at your destination. 

Exit row seats: Notwithstanding extra legroom, these seat boards, subsequently taking into account simpler admittance to upward receptacle space.

Premium and Business cabin seats: While WestJet booking Premium, PremiumFlex, Business, or BusinessFlex seats are incorporated inside the relevant cabin and can be picked at the time of booking or through Manage Trip, then you can get extra legroom Seats. 

Reach out to the customer service team for more information about the WestJet seat selections and other travel services. The team works 24*7 to help its customers. 

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